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Manufacturing is the production of goods and services using raw materials and labor, and forms the basis of wealthcreation in Georgia, the United States, and globally. The improvement of manufacturing processes is the key to raising the standard of living of all the peoples of the world. Many of the specific issues associated with manufacturing are being done by mechanical engineers and the Manufacturing Research Area Group in particular. The Manufacturing Research Area Group is doing research in many of the key areas of manufacturing and directly contributing to raising the standard of living of the world's population.

Faculty are addressing issues such as the development of processes for creation of materials and material surfaces (textures) and interfaces, by machining and molding, for such varied uses as reducing drag of automobiles and creating the next generation data storage devices, and the development of concepts and tools (electro-opto-mechanical) for automated assembly. Metals, semiconductors, polymers and composites are being studied. Specific areas of research include micro-electro-mechanical systems for the next generation microelectronic interconnections, development of automation and controls for electronics assembly, development of automated control strategies for food production, sensor design and fabrication for manufacturing process control, development of sensors for surface geometric and chemical measurement and control (metrology), development of processes for micro-molding, micro-machining, and laser-assisted processing, the production of MEMS and NEMS devices, the development of additive manufacturing processes, the development of processes for manufacturing medical devices and flexible electronic circuits and devices. Quality and reliability testing of manufactured products and devices are areas of active research opportunities within the group.

Academic Faculty

           Tequila Harris


Sourabh Saha     

Research Facilities

  • Advanced Assembly Process Technology (AdAPT) Laboratory
  • Advanced Electronic Packaging Laboratory
  • Center for Additive Manufacturing
  • Center for Polymer Processing
  • Tribology and Surface Engineering Lab
  • Manufacturing Research Center
    (Faculty and graduate students offices and labs)
  • Precision Machining Research Consortium