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Welcome to the Woodruff School

The Woodruff School is the oldest and second largest of the units that make up the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech. Our enrollment includes 1959 undergraduate students and 863 graduate students. Currently, we have programs in mechanical engineering, nuclear and radiological engineering, medical physics, paper science and engineering, and bioengineering. We offer nine degrees: two in undergraduate studies (BSME and BSNRE) and seven in graduate studies (MS, MSME, MSNE, MSMP, MSPS, MSBIOE, and the Ph.D.).

Mechanical Engineering

The Woodruff School graduates high caliber mechanical engineers for a demanding profession.  Mechanical engineers are the foundation of today’s technological world.  To do so, we provide enhanced facilities and laboratories to create the best learning environment and we attract outstanding faculty and students. In this period of rapid technological change, the Woodruff School produces mechanical engineers who are vital to our future.

With approximately 3,000 students,100 faculty members, and 70 staff members, we are one of the largest mechanical engineering programs in the country. We are consistently ranked as one of the top 10 mechanical engineering programs in the U.S. at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and continuously innovate to keep our school at the forefront of engineering education. Our size and resources allow us to offer a diversity of educational and research opportunities that enable us to produce highly sought after engineering professionals.

World Class Research Facilities

At the graduate level, we perform research in areas such as Mechanics, Robotics and Automation, Thermal Sciences, Energy Systems, Bioengineering, Fluid Mechanics, Nuclear and Medical Physics, Acoustics, Tribology, Design, and Manufacturing, providing for a rich set of research opportunities in world class facilities at Georgia Tech.

    Nuclear and Radiological Engineering

    The Woodruff School graduates high caliber nuclear and radiological engineers for a demanding profession. Nuclear and radiological engineers are concerned with the production and application of nuclear energy, the protection from radiation and the applications of radiation in medicine and industry. To do so, we provide enhanced facilities and laboratories to create the best learning environment and we attract outstanding faculty and students.

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    Innovative Student Spaces


    The Wepfer Design Commons

    At the Woodruff School we encourage our students to gain practical design experience throughout their education. The Wepfer Design Commons offers students makerspaces that include 3D printers, laser-cutters, machining equipment, and many more resources to design, test, and build almost anything they can conceive.

    Visit with People in ME

    Contact ONE of the people listed below to schedule a meeting to learn more about the undergraduate Mechanical Engineering program. Kristi should be your first and primary contact.  We offer both in-person and virtual information sessions.  

    Information Sessions

    We will host in-person prospective student information sessions Mondays, Fridays and some Wednesdays from February until the end of April. 

    Register Here

    Visit with People in NRE

    Contact Dr. Steven Biegalski to schedule a meeting to learn more about the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering program.

    Tour the NRE Laboratories

    • Tours last approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
    • Tours must be requested a minimum of 4 business days in advance.
    • Send us an e-mail that includes your name, requested date and time, contact information, and reason for the tour by clicking the link below.

    Request a Tour

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    ME Contacts

    Kristi Mehaffey
    Kristi Mehaffey

    Academic Professional

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    J. Brandon Dixon

    Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies

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    NRE Contacts

    Dr. Steven Biegalski
    Dr. Steven Biegalski

    NRE Program Chair

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