The Atlanta campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology contains 197 buildings, including 72 for academic instruction and research, and 12 for academic support. The remaining buildings by principal use are for athletics, campus support, parking, residential, Georgia Tech Research Institute, and student support. The Woodruff School has the use of the following buildings:

J. Erskine Love Jr. Manufacturing Building

  • 153,664 sq. ft
  • Opened in 2000
  • Building is shared with Materials Science and Engineering
  • Underwater acoustics tank, wind tunnel, and MEMS clean room are special facilities
  • Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and MEMS are the research groups in this building
  • Computer support






Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex

  • 121,9 76 sq. ft.
  • Opened in 1995
  • Building is shared with Materials Science and Engineering
  • Undergraduate laboratories are among the special facilities
  • Tribology and Mechanics of Materials are research groups in this building
  • Electronics Lab
  • Machine Shop
  • Computer Services



Fuller E. Callaway, Jr. Manufacturing Research Center

  • 118,380 sq. ft.
  • Opened in 1991 (interdisciplinary space)
  • Manufacturing, CAE/Design, and Automation/ Mechatronics faculty research groups are housed here







Boggs Building (Nuclear and  Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics)

  • 41,432 sq. ft.
  • Opened in 1963
  • Nuclear and Radiological Engineering/Medical Physics program is housed here
  • Research groups: fission, fusion, and medical physics





Parker H. Petit Biotechnology Building

  • 156,749 sq. ft.
  • Opened in 1999 (interdisciplinary space)
  • Bioengineering research group is located here





IPST Centennial Engineering Building

  • Opened in 1997
  • Faculty members in Paper Science and Engineering are housed here



Student Competition Center

  • Moved to new location in 2011
  • Houses various student competition groups, including gt motorsports, GT Off-Road (the SAE-baja team), Robojackets, Solar Jackets and Wreck Racing