Montgomery Machining Mall

The Montgomery Machining Mall provides the Schools of ME, ECE, and the College of Sciences with research and curriculum support. The MMM staff maintains a professional fabrication\learning space with a focus on safety. Please visit the MMM for more information. 


The Montgomery Maching Mall is located on the second floor of the MRDC Building in the Wepfer Design Commons.


  • Main shop area: 6:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.


  • Fabrication of prototype mechanical equipment for research
  • Provide safety and operational training on equipment
  • Assist in the design/fabrication of research and academic projects
  • Provide space and tools for students to learn and explore fabrication techniques
  • Machine Shop Technical Request


  • 8 vertical mills with Proto-Trak 2 Axis CNC control
  • 7 toolroom lathes with DRO
  • 2 Okuma Genos L250 2 axis CNC lathe 
  • 1 Okuma Spaceturn 3 axis CNC lathe
  • 1 Romi 2 axis CNC lathe
  • 1 Proto-Trak 2 axis CNC lathe
  • 1 Okuma Millac 3 axis CNC mill
  • 1 EMCO E350 3 axis CNC mill
  • 1 Hardinge V480 3 axis CNC mill
  • 1 Proto-Trak 3 axis CNC mill
  • 1 Starrett HB 400 optical comparator
  • 1 Zeiss CMM
  • 1 Clasuing surface grinder
  • 1 Marvel vertical band saw
  • 1 Do-All vertical band saw
  • 1 Willis radial arm drill press
  • 1 Accutex  ZNC sinker EDM
  • 1 Accutex 5 axis wire EDM
  • 1 Rockwell Drill Press


The Montgomery Machining Mall offers training each semester. The MMM prioritizes training in the following order: graduate research, UG coursework (capstone), UG research, and just want to learn. Completing this survey will register you for training.

Basic Safety Items to Remember:

  1. Ask for instructions if you are not familiar with the particular machine, tool, or procedure.
  2. Safety glasses MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.
  3. Do not operate machinery with loose clothing or jewelry.
  4. Long hair must be tied back and contained.
  5. No open toed shoes allowed.
  6. Clean machinery every time you use it.
  7. The two person rule is in effect.
  8. Report any machine that has been damaged. This may keep the next user from getting hurt.
  9. Please help keep this shop clean and safe. If you abuse the shop, you will lose your privilege to use it.

Contact Us

Steven Sheffield
Machine Shop Manager
Montgomery Machining Mall
Phone: 404.894.3216
Fax: 404.894.8336

Montgomery Machining Mall direct phone line: (404) 894-2957

Louis Boulanger
Mechanical Specialist

Nathan Mauldin
Mechanical Specialist

Scott Elliot
Machine Shop Supervisor II

Matthew Carroll
Mechanical Specialist

Frank Murdock
Mechanical Specialist