Master's Degree Program

Requirements for the various master’s degree options, orientation, degree checklists, information on: advising, the program of study, courses, thesis process, deadlines, and applying to graduate.

Student Resources

MS Advising

All new GRA's and GTA's must participate in the thesis advisor selection process during the first month of their first semester in the Woodruff School.

Grades and Credit Hours

As a master's degree student, you must maintain overall and semester grade point averages (GPA) of at least 3.0 to maintain good academic standing.

MS Thesis Deadlines

Thesis deadlines are firm, and if you don't submit yours by the deadline, your graduation may be delayed. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to submitting theses or dissertations.

MS Program of Study

A Proposed Master's Program of Study form must be submitted for approval during your first semester of study at the Woodruff School.


MS Thesis Process

The master's thesis furthers educational development by requiring you to plan, conduct, and report an organized and systematic study of importance. Please review all of the steps and processes.

Apply to Graduate

On-line Application for Graduation Instructions.


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