Acoustic Water Tank

Facility Description

The Acoustic Water Tank is a 40' long, 21' wide and 24' deep tank located in room 130 of the LOVE building, on the Georgia Tech main campus. This laboratory belongs to the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering and is directed by Dr. Karim Sabra. The facility is primarily (but not exclusively) used for underwater acoustic measurements; its main features include a computer-controlled 4-axis positionner and a 3-ton crane, as well as a variety of hydrophones and acoustic sources.
Acoustic Water Tank

Usage rates

GT ME: free
GT non-ME: $61/hr
External (non-GT) educational: $70/hr (plus indirect costs)
External (non-educational): $88/hr (plus indirect costs)


Francois Guillot


(Please contact Dr. Guillot to request access to the tank usage calendar)

Current ME research (PI: John Doane) 

The tank is currently used in several ONR-sponsored projects for the testing of underwater sensors and projectors.

Service Center projects:

The Acoustic Tank has been used to support a variety of research and educational projects, including:
Sonar calibration (GTRI)
Underwater Unmanned Vehicle testing (GTRI)
Icefin robot testing (EAS)
MUR-maid robot testing (ECE)
• Underwater wearable computer (IMTC)
• Acoustic panels characterization (Industry)
Student Capstone Design projects (ME)
Acoustic Water Tank