Special Problem Courses

A Special Problem course is an individual study in a specialized area under the direction of a member of the Woodruff School faculty. The Special Problems course can range from 3 to 6 credit hours for non-thesis students.

To register for ME/NRE/MP 89XX you must select a project and find a faculty member to direct it. The Special Problems Course form can be submitted online.

Each special problem must culminate in a written final report, which is to be submitted to the advisor for grading. All special problems are given a letter grade. Special Problem credits may not be included as part of the 30 hours of required coursework for master's thesis students.

The Special Problem Statement represents a contract between the student and the Woodruff School. Therefore, the tasks to be performed must be stated clearly and careful consideration should be given to the amount of course credit proposed for these tasks.

To initiate your Special Problem Course Form, please select the link below.

Special Problem Course Form