Credit Hours:1-6-3
Prerequisites:Graduate standing in engineering or related discipline
Catalog Description:Supervised teaching for doctoral students. Teaching techniques, course and curriculum design student evaluation methods and criteria. Students may, in some instances, prepare and present lectures.
Instructors:Farrokh Mistree

Teaching Requirements for Woodruff School Doctoral Students

All Woodruff School Ph.D. students shall be required to complete three semester hours of ME/NRE/HP 7757, Teaching Practicum, during the course of their Ph.D. programs. Students enrolled in ME/NRE/HP 7757 will work in close association with a Woodruff School Faculty member in all aspects of teaching a course, including preparation and delivery of a limited number of lectures (usually in the presence of the course Professor) and tutorials, and setting and evaluation of homework, laboratories and examinations. The faculty member of record will maintain full responsibility for the course. Students enrolled in ME/NRE/HP 7757 will attend regular meetings to discuss aspects of teaching appropriate to the field of mechanical and nuclear engineering and health physics. Students may not register for ME/NRE/HP 7757 during the semester in which they expect to receive their degrees.


The preferences of Ph.D. students and their Faculty advisors will be of highest priority in making teaching assignments for students enrolled in ME/NRE/HP 7757, in order to maximize the educational benefit to the doctoral students as well as the benefits provided to the students and Faculty who will be served by them.


Students assigned as laboratory instructors in ME 3056, ME 4053, and ME 4055 will be exempted from the ME/NRE/HP 7757 requirement.

ME/NRE/HP 7757 fulfills the teaching practicum requirement but cannot be used to satisfy the course work requirement for the ME/NRE/HP doctoral programs.