Credit Hours:3-0-3
Prerequisites:NRE 6102 or equivalent, or with the consent of the instructor
Catalog Description:Advanced topics in reactor physics and transport theory.
Textbooks:James J. Duderstadt and William R. Martin, Transport Theory; John Wiley, 1979.
Instructors:Farzad Rahnema

Stamm'ler and Abbate, Methods of Steady-State Reactor Physics in Nuclear Design.

Bell and Glasstone, Nuclear Reactor Theory.

E. E. Lewis and W. F. Miller, Jr., Computational Methods in Neutron Transport.

Goals:To familiarize the student with the advanced and modern topics in reactor physics and transport theory.
Prerequisites by Topic:Graduate reactor physics course
  • Approximate Methods in Transport Theory
  • Asymptotic Methods
  • Advanced Homogenization Methods
  • Nodal Methods for Homogenization and 3-D Reactor Calculations
  • Group Constants in the Resonance Region
  • Nodal and Finite-Element Transport Theory Methods
  • Integral Transport Theory
  • New (current) Solution Methods in Transport and Diffusion Theory