Credit Hours:3-0-3
Prerequisites:Graduate standing in engineering or related discipline
Catalog Description:Materials science and engineering of metallic and ceramic fuels, cladding, structural, and control materials including radiation effects.
  • Reactor and Isotopic Power Types
  • Requirements for Reactor Materials
  • Primary Components and Materials for Fission Reactors
  • Fundamentals of Radiation Effects on Materials
  • Influence of Radiation on Material Properties
  • Metallic Uranium Production and Properties
  • Uranium Ceramics Production and Properties
  • Metallic Plutonium Production and Properties
  • Thorium Fuels
  • Structural Materials
  • Moderator, Reflector, Blanket, and Coolant Materials
  • Control, Shielding, and Safety System Materials
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycles, Enrichment, and Reprocessing
  • Materials for Fuel Elements, Coolant Channels, Piping and Vessels
  • Radioisotopic Power Generators
  • Nuclear Fusion Reactor Materials