Credit Hours:3-0-3
Prerequisites:Graduate standing in engineering or equivalent discipline
Catalog Description:Two-phase flow, boiling heat transfer, fast reactor thermal-hydraulics, reactor thermal-hydraulics uncertainty analysis, loss-of-coolant-accidents. Reactor thermal-hydraulic accident analysis.
Textbooks:Richard T. Lahey and Frederick J. Moody, The Thermal-Hydraulics of Boiling Water Reactors, Second Edition, American Nuclear Society, 1993
Instructors:S. M. Ghiaasiaan
References:Nuclear Reactor Safety Heat Transfer, O.C. Jones, ed., Hemisphere, 1981.
Fast Breeder Reactors, A.E. Waltar, and A.B. Reynolds, Pergamon Press.
Theory manuals of current versions of TRAC-PF, RELAP5, and RETRAN computer codes.
Goals:To introduce the students to the advanced theory and practice of nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics analysis under normal and accident conditions.
Prerequisites by Topic:
  • Differential equations
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Convective Heat Transfer
  • Thermal and Fast Nuclear Reactor Concepts
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Two-Phase Flow
  • Boiling Heat Transfer
  • Subchannel Analysis
  • Thermal-Hydraulics of Fast Breeder Reactors
  • Thermal-Hydraulics Uncertainty Analysis
  • Loss-of-Coolant Accidents
  • Review of Thermal-Hydraulics Codes Used for Reactor Accident Analysis
Computer Usage:Computations needed for homework assignments