Credit Hours:3-0-3
Prerequisites:NRE 6101 or equivalent, or with the consent of the instructor
Catalog Description:Deterministic and stochastic computational methods for solving transport equations of neutral particles.
Textbooks:E.E. Lewis and W. F. Miller, Jr., Computational Methods of Neutron Transport, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1984
James Duderstadt and William Martin, Transport Theory, John Wiley, 1979
Instructors:Farzad Rahnema, Nolan Hertel
References:Transport Theory, Duderstadt and Martin
Prerequisites by Topic::Graduate Level Radiation Transport
Goals:To familiarize the student with modern computational techniques in radiation transport.
  • Deterministic Methods
    • The Transport Equation
    • Energy and Time Discretization
    • Discrete Ordinates and P-N Methods in 1-D
    • Multidimensional Discrete Ordinates Methods
    • Integral Transport Methods (Characteristic and Collisio
    • n Probability)
    • Even-Parity Transport Methods
  • Monte Carlo Methods
    • Random Number Generation
    • Probability Distribution Functions
    • Analog Monte Carlo Sampling
    • Error Estimates
    • Nonanalog Monte Carlo
    • Tracking in Phase Space
    • Variance Reduction Techniques
    • Variance Reduction Techniques Tallies
    • Shielding and Criticality Calculations
Computer Usage:Hardware: PCs or Workstations; Software: A FORTRAN Compiler
Projects:Write (1) a deterministic code to perform 1-D, 1-Group calculations using discrete ordinates and collision probability methods, (2) a Monte Carlo code to perform the same calculations as in (1).