Credit Hours:3-0-3
Prerequisites:Concurrency with MP 6756 Radiation Physics
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Basics of medical health physics, Title 10, US Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 19,20 and 35, shielding for hospital radiation facilities


Sang Cho, Nolan Hertel, and Chris Wang


- Basics of Medical Health Physics

1.) Dosimetry for the Health Physicist- external gamma and x-ray sources, DD & TAR calculations, contact skin dose from gammas and betas; internal dosimetry, MIRD system, retention functions, acute & chronic internalization, effective half life, organ system models, respiratory tract and GI tract

2.) Radiation Protection Guides (RPGs) -biological bases of RPGs, Stochastic and non-stochastic effects, risk coefficients and estimates, acceptable risk, risk vs benefit, Effective Dose Equivalent (EDE); Laws, regulations, recommendations, regulatory guides, regulatory and scientific agencies; RPGs, TEDE, CDE, SDE, DDE, derived limits, MPC, MPBB, ALI, DAC; comparison of ICRP, NCRP and NRC requirements. DOT Shipping Regulations

3.) Dose Limits from NCRP 116 , Low Dose Risk: BIER V and BIERVII, radiation effects to fetus, High Dose Radiation Effects (syndromes)

- Title 10, US Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 19,20 and 35

1.) Components of a Radiation Safety Program; ALARA and QMP Programs- requirements, misadministrations and recordable events (old NRC guidelines and still in many state regulartion), Medical Events (New NRC guidelines to replace misadministration) other reportable incidents
Radiotherapy Radiation Safety- brachytherapy, nonsealed source therapy, Co-60 teletherapy, external beam radiotherapy, HDR, QC requirements

2.) Radiation Safety in Diagnostic Radiology- protection of the health care worker, protection of the public, protection of the patient, typical doses and external exposure rates around diagnostic radiography equipment, proper procedures, QC requirements

3.) Radiation Safety in Routine Nuclear Medicine and Research- worker considerations, patient doses. radioactive gases, laboratory safety rules, use of volunteers, approval for research, informed consent, compounding of radiopharmaceuticals, EPA requirements, QC requirements

-Shielding for Hospital Radiation Facilities

1.) Overview and Basis of Design NCRP Report No. 147 , R/F Shielding , CT Shielding Design 
2.) Special Purpose Rooms: Mammo, Cath Labs, CT and R/F Simulators, Shielding Design for PET, PET Shielding in Stationary Facilities, PET Shielding in Mobile Coaches
3.) Overview and Basis of Design for NCRP Report 151, Facility Design , Shielding Evaluation Primary and Secondary Composite Wall Materials
4.) Neutron Shielding Design and Evaluations , Direct Shielded Door Designs, Maze Calculations - Door Designs
5.) Tomotherapy Room Shielding Design, Cyberknife Shielding Design
6.) HDR Room Shielding Design, Skyshine, Adjacent Building and Ceiling Calculations