Offered as Required

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: ME 6101 or equivalent, or with the consent of the instructor
Catalog Description: Reading from the literature, student presentations, and discussions on current theories and methods in engineering design.
Textbooks: None
Instructors: Jonathan Colton (ME)
Goals: This course will provide students with the opportunity for in-depth readings and discussion on various theories of design. Students will read articles from the design literature and critically analyze design theories and methods. They will make presentations on the readings and lead class discussions.
Prerequisites by topic:
  • A graduate understanding of basic design theories:
  • Pahl and Beitz
  • Total quality management

  • Yoshikawa's General Design Theory
  • Pahl and Beitz' Systematic Design
  • Suh's Axiomatic Design
  • Hubka and Eder's Theory of Technical Systems
  • Petroski's Design Pardigms
  • French's work on design and natural analogies
  • Koen's Definition of the Engineering Method
  • Altshuller's Creativity as an Exact Science
  • Taguchi on Robust Quality
  • Pugh's Total Design and Concept Selection Method
  • Deming's work on Quality
  • Quality Function Deployment
Delivery Mode (%):



Seminar (by students)


Grading Scheme (%):

Group presentations


Individual papers