Offered Every Fall

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: Graduate standing in engineering or a related discipline.
Catalog Description: Engineering analysis of the cellular systems, Crosslisted with BMED and CHE 6782.
Textbooks: Bruce Alberts, Julian Lewis, Alexander Johnson, and M. Raff, Molecular Biology of the Cell (w/CD), 4th Edition, Taylor & Francis, 2002.
Instructors: Andrés García, Cheng Zhu and guest lecturers
  • Cellular structures and organizations
    • Membrane, the nucleus, organelles, cytoskeleton, and ECM
  • Cellular functions and their control
    • Proteins and enzymes
    • DNA, RNA, and recombinant DNA Technology
  • The cell as an engineering system
    • Mathematical modeling of calcium transient
  • Mechanical properties of cells
    • Experiments
    • Analyses
  • Cell adhesion
    • Adhesion molecules
    • Intercellular and interfacial forces
    • Mechanical and thermodynamic models
    • Kinetic and transport models
  • Cell locomotion
    • Molecular motors
    • Forces generated by a cell and a motor molecule
    • Models of cell locomotion
  • Other receptor-mediated processes
    • Binding, trafficking and signaling
Grading Scheme:

Two exams


Term paper and presentation