Offered Every Fall

Credit Hours: 2-3-3
Prerequisites: ME 3017 or equivalent, or with the consent of the instructor
Catalog Description: Modeling and control of actuators and electro-mechanical systems. Performance and application of microprocessors and analog electronics to modern mechatronic systems.
Textbooks: David G. Alciatore, Michael Histand, Michael B. Histand, Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2002.
ME 6405 Kit; Axiom Engineering, Newark Part Number 98B7736; Newark Electronics, 4801 N. Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60640; 773-784-5100 (voice); 773-907-5339 (fax);
Axiom Manufacturing CME11E9 EVBU Kit; Newark Electronics
Instructors: Nader Sadegh, Charles Ume
  • 16-Bit microprocessor: introduction, hardware overview, programming, interrupts, on-chip subsystems, parallel I/O
  • Choice of embedded computers; choice of level of languages: assembly, high level, object oriented for real-time programming (such as C), Simulink
  • Analog and digital devices: Op-amp, ADC, DAC, and power transistors
  • Sensors, actuators, and their applications to intelligent manufacturing and mechatronic systems
  • Modeling and control of electro-mechanical systems
  • Modeling of various actuators: (DC motors, stepper motors, induction motors), and sensors (position, velocity, force, tactile, and ultrasonic)
Instruction: Lecture and Lab
Grading Scheme (%):

Test x2

20 (each)

Lab Assignments


Final Group Project