Offered Fall, Even Years

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: ME 3345 or equivalent, or with the consent of the instructor
Catalog Description: This course covers fundamentals of thermal radiation, blackbody radiation, surface characteristics, exchange in enclosures, radiation through continua, and combined mode heat transfer.
Textbooks: Michael F. Modest, Radiative Heat Transfer, 2nd Edition, Elsevier Science and Technology, 2003.
A Statistical Approach; Wiley (used in Metz) (w/CD).
Instructors: Andrei Fedorov, Robert Mahan
Goals: To introduce students to the fundamentals of thermal radiation heat transfer and the methods of analysis used for radiation heat transfer and to prepare students for independent research.
Prerequisites by topics: Undergraduate heat transfer
  • Course Policy and Introduction
  • Nomenclature
  • Blackbody Radiation
  • Properties for Opaque Surfaces
  • Diffuse Configuration Factors
  • Radiant Exchange in Diffuse Enclosures
  • Radiation Combined with Conduction and Convection
  • Gas Radiation in Enclosures
  • Enclosures with Some Specularly Reflecting Surfaces
  • Windows, Coatings and Semi-transparent Solids
  • Special Topics
  • Computer Usage: Computations needed for homework assignments