Offered Every Spring

Credit Hours: 3-0-3
Prerequisites: ME 6201 or equivalent; or with the consent of the instructor
Catalog Description: Phenomenological aspects of nonlinear material behavior and deformation with emphasis on model development.
Textbooks: Akhtar S. Khan and Suijan Huang; Continuum Theory of Plasticity, John Wiley, 1995.
Instructors: Richard Neu, David McDowell, or Min Zhou
  • To obtain an understanding of the phenomenological aspects of nonlinear material behavior
  • To obtain the ability to develop and use mathematical models that describe inelastic deformation behavior.
  • Phenomenology of Plastic Deformation
  • Rate Independent Plasticity
  • Uniqueness and Extremum Theorems
  • Limit Analysis Theorems and Applications
  • Slip-Line Theory --
  • Rate Dependent Plasticity
  • Unified Viscoplasticity Models
  • Numerical Methods
  • Evolution of Internal State (i.e., anisotropy, aging, transient behavior, thermal recovery, temperature rate effects)
  • Introduction to Other Damage/Deformation Mechanisms (i.e., damage mechanics & transformation plasticity)
Grading Scheme (%):



Midterm Exam


Final Exam