• Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School (Ocean Acoustics), 1963-1967
  • Nanjing University Department of Physics (Physics and Acoustics), 1958-1963


  • Acoustics and Dynamics; Shallow water acoustics, sound propagation and reverberation, acoustic interactions with internal waves, seafloor acoustics, and acoustic remote sensing

  • Acoustical Society of America Fellow, 2005

  • Honorary mention: “A brief History of Underwater acoustics” by R.R. Goodman in ASA at 75,  Acoustical Society of America 75th Anniversary Book by H.A. Bass and W.J. Cavanaugh (2004)

  • Principal author of “the Zhou-Harrison formula” for shallow-water reverberation in  Principles of Sonar Performance Modeling by M.A. Ainslie [Springer, 2010].
  • Honorary Co-chair of the 2nd International Conference on Shallow-water Acoustics, 2009.

  • Co-Chair of the 3rd International Conference on Ocean Acoustics, 2012.

  • Co- recipient (周纪浔), State Natural Science Award of China (Second prize, 1982).

  • Co-recipient (周纪浔), State Natural Science Award of China (Second prize, 1989).