• Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1985
  • M.Tech., IIT Madras, India, 1980
  • B.Sc (Engg.), Kerala University, India, 1978


Dr. Jacob came to Tech in 1995 as an Assistant Professor. Prior he was a Research Engineer and Senior Engineer at DuPont Company.


  • Mechanics of Materials; Phase transformation & clustering, nanoscale modeling such as molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo methods, nanostructured composites, networked polymers, fracture, and drug delivery systems.

Dr. Jacob's research is directed at stress induced phase changes, nanoscale characterization of materials, synthesis of polymeric nanofibers, mechanical behavior of fiber assemblies (particularly related to biological systems and biomimitic systems), nanoparticle reinforced composites, transdermal drug delivery systems, large scale deformation of rubbery (networked) polymers, and nanoscale fracture of materials. The objectives in this work, using theoretical, computational and experimental techniques, is to understand the effect of micro- and nano- structures in the behavior of materials in order to try to design the micro/nano structures for specific materials response.

Dr. Jacob plans are to continue current research interests with a multidisciplinary thrust with more emphasis in bio related areas and to start some work on the dynamic behavior of materials and structures. Graduate students could benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the work combining classical continuum mechanics with nanoscale analysis for various applications, particularly in the nano and bio areas.

Dr. Jacob has extensive experience in vibrations and stability of structures, mechanics of polymeric materials, behavior of fiber assemblies, stress-induced phase transformation, diffusion, and molecular modeling. His research involves the application of mechanics principles, both theoretical and experimental, in the analysis and design of materials for various applications.

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Materials Division) Polymer Committee Chair, 2002-Present
  • National Textile Center Award for Sustained Research, 2002


  • Composite Sheet Moldable Materials: Highly Modified Polyester Thermoplastic Composites; K. I. Jacob, J. Kerawalla, U.S. Patent Number 5,286,557, March 1994. Also, Russian and European patents.

Representative Publications

  • D. Spearot, K. I. Jacob, and D. L. McDowell. 2004. Nonlocal Separation Constitutive Laws for Interface and their Relation to Nanoscale Simulations. Mechanics of Materials 36(9), 25-847.
  • E. Zeng, K. I. Jacob, and M. B. Polk. 2004. Modification of DOBOB Mesogen, Polymer 45, 2165-2174.
  • J. Zeng, V. Tikare, and K. I. Jacob. 2004. Numerical Simulation of Clustering in a Transdermal Drug Delivery System, Journal of Crystal Growth 262, 602-611.
  • H. Dong, and K. I. Jacob. 2003. Effect of Molecular Orientation on Polymer Free Volume Distribution: An Atomistic Approach, Macromolecules 36, 8881-8885.
  • J. Moeller, and K. I. Jacob. 1999. Instability in Competitive Crystallization in Porous Viscoelastic Materials, Journal of Crystal Growth 197, 973-982.