Outside the Classroom

There are many opportunities that exist outside the class room.  These are great ways to supplement your undergraduate education, receive necessary assistance and strengthen your resume.   

Student Assistance & Resources

  • Sτα℞ (Students' Temporary Assistance Program)

    • Food: Klemis Kitchen - A food pantry prepared by volunteers of Campus Kitchen that stocks food that you are free to access if you are financially struggling to prioritize good nutrition.
    • Professional Attire: Campus Closet - A collection of over 500 suits, both men's and women's, that you can borrow at no cost if you need formal apparel for an interview or career fair.
    • Emergency $: Dean Griffin Hip Pocket Fund - If you are in need of urgent financial support for academic, medical or personal matters, the Dean Griffin Hip Pocket Fund offers interest-free loans.
    • Emergency Housing - If through crisis or emergency, you find yourself without a place to live, the Department of Housing may be able to provide a short-term room while financial and other options are explored.  Contact Dana Hartley for more information.
  • Women's Resource Center
  • LGBQIA Resource Center
  • Veteran's Resource Center
  • Dean of Students
  • Counseling Center - Our Center offers free mental health counseling services to all currently enrolled Georgia Tech students, as well as psychoeducational testing services, stress management and wellness workshops, and in-house focus groups to help clients connect over shared experiences.

Academic Experiences

Work Experiences

  • Co-Op Program
  • Internship Program
  • Global Internship Program
  • Graders for ME Classes - Woodruff School faculty can hire graders each semester for the undergraduate classes they are teaching. Please contact ME or NRE professors directly if you are interested.  You must have previously earned in A in the course.  After you find a position, you need to fill out the Grader Hiring Form to be hired and paid by GT.
  • Shell Tutors - Please email Dr. Al Ferri if you are interested in becoming a Shell Tutors.  The tutors are hired during the first week of school each semester.

Student Organizations

Pre-Professional Programs