We will provide several avenues for our alumni and corporate partners to connect with and mentor our students through Woodruff School Connections. They include:

Monthly Industry Seminars: These seminars will provide insight on the future of an industry segment where students with a background in ME can play a critical role. Will focus on a panel type discussion that may include an individual or multiple companies.  

Research Careers: These seminars and panel discussions will be aimed at students and postdocs with advanced degrees who want to pursue careers involving research and technical leadership within industry and government.  

Alumni Meet and Greet:  A panel and social that allows students to meet alumni to discuss their experiences and how to best prepare for careers in industry. This will be held in conjunction with recruiting events.

Mentoring Connections: Aimed at one-on-one 30-minute mentoring sessions with students. Mentoring sessions will be held using an online format. Students will be able to sign up for one mentoring session per semester. If additional follow up sessions are needed, this will be approved by the school.  

Target Areas for mentors for the initial rollout of the program: Aerospace, Automation and Robotics, AI/ML/Software, Bioengineering, Business Management and Law, Consulting, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Government, Manufacturing, Transportation

We invite you to apply to participate in this Woodruff School Connections Program either as an individual alum or as a company. Please select "Join Woodruff School Connections" above to indicate your interest. If you wish to participate in the Mentoring Connections for one-on-one mentoring, you will need to submit a 2 page CV highlighting your experience and a short statement (150 words max) on why you want to participate in this program.