Introduction - Some features of the concentrations are:

  • Concentrations are a new feature of the 2012-2013 ME Curriculum and are only available in the 2012-2013 ME Curriculum or later.  Students graduating under earlier curricula (catalog years) are not eligible for concentrations.
  • Concentrations are optional, not required.
  • Concentrations are 15 hours of classes and the classes satisfy the Design Elective, the ME Elective and 9 hours of free electives.
  • Concentrations are different than minors because they allow students to specialize in a particular area within ME.
  • Classes used for a concentration may not be used towards a minor or an additional concentration.
  • Concentrations currently do not show up on your transcript, but we are trying to change that.  Concentrations do not show up on your diploma.

Concentration Requirements - To satisfy a concentration, students must do each of the following:

  • If necessary, change your catalog year to the 2012-2013 Catalog Year.  This is done by filling out a change of major form.
  • Declare your concentration in OSCAR
  • Complete all of the required classes and the correct amount of elective classes for each concentration.  This requirement will include satisfying your Design Elective, the ME Elective and 9 hours of free electives.
  • Students may use a maximum of 3 hours of approved 4699 hours towards the concentration if it is listed as an optional elective class.  The research MUST relate to the concentration and must be approved by the concentration area faculty advisor prior to performing the research.

Concentration Curriula