Academic Advisors

COVID-19 (Coranovirus Update, 3/19/2020)

Students who need assistance other than academic advising should see services in the Campus Assistance Options.

With the campus changes Georgia Tech has enacted for COVID-19, please know that your academic advisors are still be available remotely to reply to emails, handle registration issues, schedule video/phone advising meetings, and sign forms.  To accommodate this, we are asking students to use these process and procedures until further notice.

  • We have appointments available Monday through Friday from 8:30-12 and 1-4.  Walk-in advising is temporarily suspended.  
  • Schedule an appointment as usual through GradesFirst.  
  • Your advisor will then send you a BlueJeans link to have a video or phone advising appointment. 
  • All documents and forms that you want to share with your advisor should be uploaded in the new ME/NRE Advising Canvas Site.

Undergraduate Advising Purpose

  • Our mission is to support and inspire the development of Woodruff School undergraduate students.
  • Our vision is that undergraduate academic advising in the Woodruff School will actively engage students in their educational experience so they can become independent, life-long learners who are innovative and contributing members in their larger community.

Undergraduate Advising Process

  • We encourage all students to visit or contact us at any time with questions, concerns or problems.
  • We require academic advisement for the following groups of students:

Mechanical, Nuclear and Undeclared Engineering Academic Advisors

  • Find an advisor in a different department here.
  • We have appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30-12 and 1-4 each day.
  • Until students are allowed to return to campus, there will be no walk-in advising, only appointments. 

Lenna Applebee - Advises ME, NRE and UEC students with a last name starting with A - C.

     Schedule an appointment with Lenna.


Laura Tolliver - Advises ME, NRE and UEC students with a last name starting with D - H.

      Schedule an appointment with Laura.  


Amy Huttenhoff - Amy will be out of the office until October, so ME and NRE student last names I - M have been assigned a temporary advisor.  To schedule an appointment with your temporary advisor, select Change of Major as the reason and then you can select the advisor below:

  • Petitions, readmission, career advising, special circumstances:  Kristi Mehaffey 
  • Last Name starting with I: Hillary Sutherland
  • Last Name starting with J, K: Laura Tolliver
  • Last Name starting with L: Hillary Sutherland
  • Last Name starting with M: Lenna Applebee

Kristi Mehaffey - Advises ME, NRE and UEC students with a last name starting with N - R.
Handles career advising for all ME students (A-Z).

     Schedule an appointment with Kristi.


Hillary Sutherland - Advises ME, NRE and UEC students with a last name starting with S - Z.

      Schedule an appointment with Hillary.