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Thank you for your interest in visiting the Woodruff School. Are you a...

Prospective Georgia Tech student and family

If you are a junior or senior high school student who is considering Georgia Tech, then please see the options that we have available for prospective students to visit the Woodruff School. 

High School or Middle School student groups

If your group includes high school and/or middle school aged children, such as science clubs, boy scout troops, etc., please contact Sterling Skinner, Instructional Lab Manager, for information about large group tours. 

Elementary School student groups

If your group includes elementary aged children, we greatly appreciate the desire of your young ones to visit us and explore engineering, but please understand that a tour of our facilities is not safe for this age group. We recommend looking further into campus summer camps and the like for younger children to get to know Georgia Tech further. 

Georgia Tech Alumni

If you are a former Georgia Tech student, you might not recognize the Woodruff School! We have been working hard to improve every facet and we encourage you to stay in touch and bring your family to get them acquainted with what it means to be a Georgia Tech ME. Please contact Tom Lawley, Director of Development, to schedule a tour.

Prospective Corporate Sponsor

If you represent a company that would like to find out more about the activities of our students and how to become more involved with the Woodruff School, contact Amit Jariwala, Director of Design & Innovation, for tour information. We can get you in touch with the student leaders of clubs such as ASME, the Invention Studio, design compeition teams, senior design projets,  creativity in robotics competitions, etc.

Visiting Professor

If you are a leader in the field of engineering education and would like to visit us to find out about how we teach engineering and to share best practices, contact Amit Jariwala, Director of Design and Innovation, to schedule a tour of our facilities.


If you are looking for a news story concerning our students and how they are applying their expanding knowledge of mechanical engineering, contact Candler Hobbs, Communications Officer, to discuss your interest.