PhD Program of Study

A Ph.D. Program of Study form must be submitted for approval by your faculty advisor and the Woodruff School Graduate Committee before the end of your first semester of doctoral study.

Upon preliminary approval, the Ph.D. Program of Study will be forwarded to the Woodruff School Graduate Committee for final approval.  In preparing your program of study, you should be aware that graduate courses are usually offered only once a year and in some cases even less frequently.   Graduate courses listed by their frequency of offering cab be found here.

Any deviation from your proposed program of study should be approved in advance of taking the new course work by submitting a revised program of study.  These revisions may be submitted at any time, except the semester in which you are graduating.  Revisions during the semester in which you are graduating must be made on or before the first day of classes.  This will allow time for the review and approval process prior to the close of registration for classes.

To initiate your Ph.D. Program of Study submission, please go to the following link and follow the online instructions:

If you note any problems with this automated process, please notify the Office of Student Services at (404) 894-3204 or send an email to .


Transfer credits:

If you plan to include any course taken outside of Georgia Tech in your Program of Study, please follow these steps:

1.        Bring an official copy of your transcript to your academic advisor at the Office of Student Services -

           MRDC, room 3112.

2.        A copy of the course syllabus for each course.

3.        A copy of your M.S. Thesis Abstract, if you are requesting course credit for your master's thesis.

4.        All documents will be reviewed by the Woodruff School Graduate Committee

           (They meet once a month).

5.        Your academic advisor will inform you if/ when your transfer credits are approved/denied.