Teaching Practicum

All Woodruff School Ph.D. students are required to complete three semester hours of Teaching Practicum (ME/NRE 7757) during the course of their doctoral studies.

Students enrolled in the teaching practicum will work closely with a Woodruff School faculty member in all aspects of teaching a course, including the preparation and delivery of a limited number of lectures (usually in the presence of the course professor) tutorials, evaluation of homework, laboratories, and examinations.  The faculty member off record will maintain full responsibility for the course.  You must do the teaching component and the classwork in the same term.

Students enrolled in the practicum will attend regular meetings to discuss aspects of teaching appropriate to your chosen field.  You may not register for this course during the semester in which you expect to receive the Ph.D. ME/NRE 7757 is offered on a pass/fail basis and cannot be used to satisfy the 42 semester-hours course work requirement.  Students are not allowed to perform GTA responsibilities in the course for which they are participating in the Teaching Practicum.

The Teaching Practicum Request for specific ME/NRE 7757 assignments is available online. You are encouraged to select a faculty mentor for a specific assignment before the end of the preceding academic term in which you enroll in the practicum.  Obtain the approval of both the proposed faculty mentor and your advisor, and submit the form online in accordance with the instructions that follow.  To gain the full benefit of the Teaching Practicum, only one student may be assigned to a single course in a given semester.

The Teaching Practicum requirement can be satisfied by completing the "Tech to Teaching Intermediate Certificate" program administered by the Georgia Tech CETL Office.  The mentored practicum portion of this certificate program, CETL 8715, requires teaching 15% of a course.  This course must be a mechanical engineering or nuclear and radiological engineering course, or the course must be approved by the Woodruff School Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

To initiate your teaching practicum request, please go to the following link and follow the online instructions: https://www2.me.gatech.edu/graddb/forms/student/

Completion of Teaching Practicum in Absentia for Woodruff School Students