Guidelines for Registration


A list of the courses by number and their frequency of offering may be found in Appendix A.

A list of the courses in each of the research areas in the Woodruff School may be found in Appendix B.

A list of distance-learning course projections may be found in Appendix C.

For the listing of all classes to be offered each semester and complete registration information, see the On-Line Student Computer Assisted Registration (OSCAR). OSCAR also has instructions, class schedules, and academic calendar information:


Guidelines for Registration

To register for courses, please login to OSCAR.

For part-time students, the minimum load is three credit hours.

Full-time enrollment is required of all students receiving financial aid and for international students on visas. You must register for a minimum of twelve hours of letter-grade and/or pass/fail thesis or dissertation credit hours to maintain your status as a full-time student. Failure to register on time might delay the payment of a fellowship stipend or tuition payment.


Research assistants doing thesis research must sign up for thesis hours (ME/NRE/MP 7000 for the MS and ME/NRE 9000 for the Ph.D.). Graduate research assistants conducting research should register for letter-grade course work (usually six to nine hours) and sufficient thesis hours to bring the total load to 21 credit hours. Teaching assistants may add three audit hours in recognition of the teaching assignment (ME/NRE 8997). The Institute Policy on Hour Loads for Graduate Students is found at:

For more registration information, please go to:


Enrollment Reduction or Enrollment Waiver

Students must be registered for a minimum of three credit hours at all times, except that thesis students may enroll for one hour of 7000/9000 in the semester of graduation. This Enrollment Reduction may be used only once.

Students who have met all requirements for graduation before the last day of registration for the graduation term and who were registered the preceding semester may be eligible for an Enrollment Waiver. The Enrollment Waiver must be submitted before the first day of classes. You must also reactivate your degree petition at the same time as you submit the enrollment waiver. The waiver must be signed by your advisor and the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

Enrollment Waiver form:

Deadline for Enrollment Waiver: