Apply to Graduate

A. Apply online for graduation one (1) semester before your expected graduating semester on OSCAR (
You must be registered during your graduating semester.

Applying instructions:

Due dates:

Degree Candidate FAQ:

For Thesis and Distance Learning Students: If you have completed your coursework the previous semester, please complete the Enrollment waiver Form: (May be used only one (1) time throughout your academic career) and submit it to the Office of Student Services. (If you have already used the Enrollment waiver option previously, then you must enroll in at least 1 credit hour). Deadlines: The Georgia Tech Graduate Office establishes deadlines for the submission. These deadlines are strictly enforced and failure to meet all the deadlines might jeopardize your graduate plans. Check deadlines dates:

B. All graduate students (MS and PhD) must submit/ revise a Program of Study before they apply to graduate:

C. Monitor Graduation Status: Graduation status can be checked in DegreeWorks ( It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up on any deficiencies, and to keep the Registrar and The Office of Student Services aware of any changes in status.

Several times throughout your final semester you must verify the status of your application to graduate. Click here for an explanation about the codes used in your graduation update. Two audits will be done for graduating students; the first audit will be done after phase 2 registration.  The second audit will be done after final grades have posted. After the first audit, students will have one month to fix any problems. Any student who still has deficiencies after one month will automatically be inactivated (not graduating) and you will need to apply to graduate the following semester. The only deficiencieswhich will not lead to an automatic inactivation are low GPA, pending transfer credit and registrar administrative deficiency.  

D. Reapplication for graduation: If you do not graduate in the term for which you petitioned, you must reapply by submitting a new online application for graduation and follow all the steps above.


* Commencement Information: