MS Thesis Presentation by Andres Osorno
Friday, September 23, 2005

(Dr. Steven Danulyk , Chair)

"In-Situ, Dynamic Pressure Measurements during CMP"


The CMP process closely resembles a lapping process, in which the surface of a silicon wafer is pressed against a resilient surface, and slurry consisting of oxidizing chemicals and fine abrasives is entrained between them, CMP has been recognized as the most effective method to achieve global planarization in very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI). Despite the wide range of use of the CMP process in IC fabrication, many aspects of the process are not well comprehended. This hinders the ability to produce composite models or simulations to estimate response parameters such as material removal rate, selectivity, planarity, dishing, erosion, etc.

A rotational setup for measuring interfacial fluid pressure and temperature was successfully constructed. Interfacial fluid measurements were performed with various slurry types, slurry flow rates, and pad topographies. Results presented will include temperature and pressure profiles of the wafer-pad interface, as well as disk tilt results and implications in material removal rate.