Ph.D. Proposal Presentation by Jason W. Lawrence
Thursday, April 28, 2005

(Dr. William Singhose, Chair)

"Enhancing Crane Oscillation Control and Education "


Command Generation has been shown to be a practical and effective control scheme for eliminating payload swing on industrial cranes. However this technology has not been used to its full potential. One reason is that nonlinear crane dynamics degrade the performance of current command generators, making them challenging to use. A second reason is that few crane operators are aware of this technology. Therefore, this thesis strives to alleviate these problems by completing three major tasks. First, new command generation algorithms will be developed that compensate for nonlinear crane dynamics. Two major sources of non-linear dynamics are targeted: nonlinear drive dynamics, and non-linear physical dynamics of tower cranes. Second, command generation will be examined from an educational perspective; both in the classroom and in the working field. Third, three experimental crane devices will be built to fulfill the two prior tasks. The work is scheduled to be completed by March 2006.