MS Thesis Presentation by Charles C. Hagadorn III
Friday, August 19, 2005

(Dr. Frederick W. Ahrens, Chair)

"Measurement and Mapping of Pulse Combustion Heat Transfer Rates"


Hot air steady impingement drying is used in the drying of many different types of paper. Previous research has shown and increase in heat transfer rates when the impingement air velocity is cyclic with reverse flow thought the exit

This paper seeks to quantify the difference in heat transfer rats between steady impingement and pulsed combustion impingement. Using a heat flux transducer a map of the heat flux at the impingement surface will be constructed for several process variables. Process variables include impingement gap height, gas flow rate, excess air, and tail pipe diameter.

From the mapping data a subset of these variables will be selected. This subset will be used to dry actual paper samples and a comparison will be made between conventional impingement drying rates and the pulsed combustion drying rates