Ph.D. Thesis Defense by Jianwei Wang
Monday, November 29, 1999

(Drs. Said Abdel-Khalik and Sheldon Jeter, co-advisors)

"An Experimental Investigation of Droplet Impact Cooking at Controlled Surface Temperatures"


Significantly higher heat fluxes can be achieved by droplet impact cooking compared to conventional heat transfer methods such as pool boiling.  Earlier experimental investigations of droplet impact cooking were conducted by controlling the input power, i.e. heat flux, to the heated surface; water was generally used as the coolant.  This Ph.D. proposal deals with experimental investigation of droplet impact cooking at controlled surface temperatures with HCFC-123 as the coolant.  The proposed research will focus on the heat transfer characteristics of a monodispersed stream of liquid droplets impinging on a heated upward facing surface.  The surface temperature will be controlled by a current feedback circuit.  Both pre- and post- CHF data will be collected.  Experiments will be conducted at various droplet sizes, frequencies, velocities and liquid subcooling temperatures.  The data will be compared with analytical model predictions.