M.S. Thesis Presentation by Raymond Vincent
Friday, August 10, 2001

(Dr. Marc Smith, advisor)

"Efficiency Analysis of the Cyclone Separator Using CFD Techniques"


This study involved the efficiency analysis of two cyclone separators.  Each separator was analyzed using similar CFD methods.  Flow solutions were found for each cyclone for a range of flow rates.  Particles of different sizes and densities were injected into the flow to determine the removal efficiency of each cyclone.  Efficiencies and pressure drops for each cyclone were compared to determine advantages possessed by either cyclone.  It was found that Cyclone I produced a better efficiency with less pressure drop than did Cyclone II unless extremely high efficiencies were required (greater than 99%).  If such high efficiencies are required, then Cyclone II may be the better choice.  An optimum flow rate was determined by comparing efficiencies at various flow rates.  A study of the effect of particle-wall interaction was performed by changing the coefficient of restitution (CoR) at the optimum flow rate and performing the same efficiency analysis as before.  This study found that the change in CoR produced a very negligible effect on the efficiency.