Ph.D. Thesis Defense by Mark Tudela
Thursday, May 30, 2002

(Dr. Jianmin Qu, advisor)

"Impact Response of a Laminated Beam on an Elastic Foundation"


An experimental and numerical investigation of the impact response of laminated composites on an elastic foundation is performed. The impact configuration uses a modification to the split-hopkinson bar setup and laser vibrometers are used to measure the displacements during the test. The histories of contact force, front face and back face displacement are recorded. This allows the indentation to be recorded during the impact event. The damage state is also recorded after each test is complete. Currently, there are no studies which provide this kind of time-resolved response of the indentation. In addition, there is little if any work done considering the inclusion of an elastic support.

Numerical simulations of the impact event are conducted with the LSDYNA commercial finite element software. Information obtained from the impact tests is used along with the finite element results to predict the displacement and indentation response along with the damage state. This research will enhance the understanding of the local response of a composite laminate during an impact by providing novel experimental data and by choosing a loading scenario (elastic support) which amplifies the local effects.