M.S. Thesis Presentation by Jennifer Totty
Thursday, March 27, 2003

(Dr. David McDowell, advisor)

"Linear Cellular Copper in Bending, Compression, and Shear"


Two-dimensional prismatic metal honeycombs have very promising specific strength properties. Lightweight metal honeycombs (also called Linear Cellular Alloys) are produced using a paste extrusion method and chemical conversion method developed at Georgia Tech. The strength and deformation behavior of these honeycombs is dependent on multiple variables including the honeycomb relative density and the geometry of the unit cell. Mechanical behaviors of a ductile copper alloy (LCA copper) are measured under out-of-plane and in-plane uniaxial compression, in-plane shear, and longitudinal bending. Test methodologies are developed as necessary to explore these behaviors under different stress/deformation states. Variations arising from differences in unit cell and overall structural geometry and size effects are considered. Suggestions are offered for areas of further investigation.