M.S. Thesis Presentation by Michele Szleper
Thursday, January 31, 2002

(Dr. James Hartley, advisor)

"Converging Nozzle Design for a Subsonic Wind Tunnel to Test Heat Sinks Under Impinging and Parallel Airflows"


Introduction of a subsonic converging nozzle for a laboratory wind tunnel is needed to improve the capability to measure the relative performance of heat sinks.  The cross-section (18 x 12) is much too large to determine effects of directed airflow on heat sink performance.
This work has focused on the design and implementation of a subsonic converging nozzle, including fixture setup, validation of airflow within the nozzle, and limited testing of a heat sink as proof of concept of the new capability.

The nozzle as built was characterized experimentally and the procedures for characterization proven.  Although the nozzle cannot be integrated into the wind tunnel in its current state, the framework for implementation has already been established.  The methodology behind the characterization has been documented and can be repeated once the nozzle is re-built per the design and integrated into the wind tunnel.