M.S. Thesis Presentation by John D. Struble
Wednesday, July 3, 2002

(Dr. Iwona Jasiuk, advisor)

"Micro-Scale Two-Dimensional Modeling of Two-Phase Composites with Imperfect Bonding between Matrix and Inclusion"


The analysis of composites with perfect bonding between matrix and inclusion has been studied at length. Unfortunately, perfect bonding does not always accurately represent the condition of composites as manufactured nor as they behave under application loads. The goal of this research is to study two-phase composites with imperfect bonding between matrix and inclusion. Two simplify the analysis of three-dimensional materials, planar and two-dimensional models of three-dimensional composites are examined, along with both models limitations. In addition to the perfect bonding case, several imperfect bonding models are considered, and the finite element method is used to examine two models: imperfect bonding modeled by a thin, compliant interphase, and imperfect bonding modeled by a spring layer with debonding. Included are examinations of the effects of scale, boundary conditions, morphology (arrangement of inclusions), material anisotropy, and material properties.