M.S. Thesis Presentation by Curtis S. Sharif
Spring 2001 Semester

(Dr. Wayne Book, advisor)

"The Development of a Surrogate Supervisory Interface for a PC-based Robotic Controller"


This research will focus on the development of a supervisory control interface that would limit the need to utilize commercial high-level application development software for robotic workcells. Detailed analysis of the commercially available Cimetrixâ robotic control software architecture will be performed in order to determine which functions and parameters are essential for the control of a robotic workcell. These essential parameters will form the core of a streamlined surrogate control application, which would be used to control the workcell. A single development system, which would retain the Cimetrixâ software license, would be used to generate trajectory data for any number of robotic workcells and a variety of different motions. Each of the dependant machines would use the surrogate control interface to reference catalogued trajectory data and pass these values to a lower level real-time control application. The surrogate control interface would allow for a user to write a program specifying desired mechanism motions, and would interpret the calls and command the desired motion. The primary motivation for the development of the surrogate supervisory control application would be to reduce the expense of the robotic system by eliminating the non-critical functionality currently provided by the commercial robotic modeling and control application.