M.S. Thesis Presentation by Hernan Pena-Diaz

(Dr. Steven Liang, advisor)

"Experimental Validation of an Atomization Model for Fluids Used in the Grinding Process"


The purpose of the proposed thesis topic is to study the validity of a theoretical model that predicts the concentration of aerosols generated from the use of cutting fluids during the grinding process. As part of this study, the existing theoretical grinding model will be coded into a computer program that will be capable of generating a prediction curve for aerosol concentration based on distance for the grinding zone and elapsed time. For the experimental portion of the study, a factorial experiment will be conducted in which the most important parameters in the grinding operation will be changed one at a time and the effect on aerosol concentration will be recorded. This experimental approach serves two purposes. First, it allow for the direct comparison between experimental results and theoretical output from the aforementioned program. Second, it provides a empirical way in which to assess the effects of the experimental factors on the resulting aerosol concentration. In the end, the study will provide bounds on the accuracy of the theoretical model prediction based on the experimental results obtained.