M.S. Thesis Presentation by Jae-hyoung Park
Tuesday, April 8, 2003

(Dr. David Rosen, advisor)

"Process Planning for Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition"


Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition (LCVD) is a promising rapid prototyping and manufacturing process that deposits metals and ceramics by local heating of a substrate with a laser. Due to its positive characteristics, such as superior mechanical and thermal properties for deposits, multiple material fabrication, freedom for complex geometry, LCVD is potentially considered a next generation of Rapid Prototyping (RP). In order to effectively use this technology, improved process planning methods are needed for LCVD.

This study was focused on LCVD process planning by developing initial automated process planning support system (software) that can generate feasible process plans along with process control parameters specifically for the Georgia Tech LCVD system. Methods and algorithms were developed for layer build directions, linear slicing vs. conformal slicing, 1D zigzag pattern vs. 1D fiber pattern, and process parameters generation. Experiments have been performed to generate regression models for geometric attributes of carbon deposits. Also, 3D CAD examples were used for testing the software and process planning methods. Finally, suggestions for the future LCVD process planning research were discussed.