M.S. Thesis Presentation by Young Joon Lee
Thursday, July 3, 2003

(Dr. Wayne Book, advisor)

"The Real-Time Implementation of Hardware-In-the Loop System on the Different RTOS Platforms"


Real time performance of digital communication and control systems impacts dynamic systems in multiple ways. This thesis has studied the implementation of digital command and control in the context of two examples that rely heavily on those technologies: Internet accessed laboratory experiments and hardware-in-the-loop simulation. The operating system and support software is examined and some alternatives are compared.

Most engineering schools provide a course on system analysis and control engineering technology for undergraduates. The primary objective of these courses is that students fully understand concepts of dynamic modeling, feedback control system stability analysis, and controller design and implementation both through lectures and laboratory experiments. Laboratory programs play an especially important role in combining the theoretical and analytical knowledge taught in lectures into the concrete engineering skills. The Intelligent Machine and Dynamics Laboratory (IMDL) in Georgia Institute of Technology has developed and run the Virtual Access Laboratory (VAL) for the Control and System related courses. In the VAL system, access to the laboratory, supervision and whole activities of experiment are performed virtually and remotely. In this thesis, a new software framework of the VAL system is proposed and implemented, replacing the previous software system.

For system design and control system development, Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulation is used in the various fields of research and industrial applications. HIL simulation mainly consists of a Real-Time Operating System(RTOS), embedded software runnng on it, and hardware interfaces (e.g. I/O interfaces, communication modules, etc.) which determine its capabilities. In this research, the effects of a RTOS on the performance of a HIL system will be examined through the real-time simulations with different RTOSs. QNX and xPC Target which are PC-based real-time solutions are selected to be RTOS platforms in this research.