M.S. Thesis Presentation by Kyle Koeppen
Wednesday, January 3, 2001

(Dr. Wayne Book, advisor)

"Virtual Access Hydraulics Experiment for System Dynamics and Controls Education"


A Virtual Access Laboratory (VAL) for undergraduates is currently being built at Georgia Tech. This laboratory will house a two degree of freedom, hydraulically actuated device resembling a fork lift truck. Experiments with the hydraulic equipment can be run remotely via the Internet. This thesis focuses on attaining real-time control via the Internet. The software responsible for providing the user interface and controlling the manipulator is comprised of both client and server programs that communicate via the Internet. The client code is written in Java and features a Graphical User Interface to provide a user-friendly environment for students. Code for the server is written in C++ and runs on Windows NT with Hyperkernel for deterministic real-time control. This code offers the students the ability to run experiments such as system identification, PID control, and trajectory planning. A camera monitors the system and provides students with visual data.