M.S. Thesis Presentation by John Huey
Wednesday, July 9, 2003

(Dr. William Singhose, advisor)

"Dynamics and Vibration Control of Large Area Manipulators"


The proposed research is concerned with the motion and control of cable-driven crane mechanisms. Wire-driven manipulators, a related mechanism, are a recent development in the field of parallel manipulators. The basic concept behind wire mechanisms is to move payloads within a given workspace with wires, and not rigid links. Multiple wires are suspended from a variety of spools. These wires come together at the manipulator payload. By correctly controlling the amount and speed at which the spools collect or distribute wire, the payload can be moved within the workspace. This thesis focuses on using cable mechanisms in large workspaces to replace traditional large cranes. In particular, there are several non-linear sources of vibration which are addressed.

A corollary aspect of the thesis deals with the design of a real time, interactive, simulation of a gantry crane in MATLAB. This program is used in ME3015 as a demonstration tool and is also being used to study the behavior of crane operators when real-time command shaping is used.