M.S. Thesis Presentation by R. Scott Evans
Monday, July 30, 2001

(Dr. Peter Hesketh, advisor)

"Development of a µ-Fabrication Laboratory Section for a Graduate-Level Microelectromechanical Systems Course Based on µ-Cantilever Array Fabrication and Experiments"


In support of the MEMS Group research initiatives, a MEMS curriculum will be developed over the next several years.  ME8803 Introduction to MEMS was the first course of this curriculum.  This project is based on the development of the laboratory section of that course, but also explored general fabrication and MEMS design issues.  The development of the course involved the establishment of a teaching laboratory facility based on an existing CMOS fabrication setup, the synthesis of the lab activities, and the design of the devices to be fabricated by the students in the course.  The development of the laboratory facility focused on anisotropic etching methods, CMOS compatibility issues, and SOI- based micro-sensor fabrication and testing.  This was used as a test case for preliminary modification of a standard systematic design methodology to include conceptual fabrication support.  Thus shifting the focus of design from the artifact alone (like standard design methodologies) to a system of the artifact and the processes sequence required to fabricate it.