M.S. Thesis Presentation by Ian Davidson
Monday, March 1, 1999

(Dr. Wayne Book, advisor)

"Tele-Operation of a Manipulator Using the Internet"


Tele-operation is traditionally accomplished by having a wire connecting the robot and user. This type of tele-operation has a distance limitation. By using the Internet as the connection between the robot and user, this limitation no longer exists. A client/server application had been created, but it could only perform simple demonstrations. Thus, the user had no access to the control software and was limited to three preset trajectories.

To create a virtual laboratory, both the client and server software had to be changed. The client program was written in JAVA, while the server program was written in C++. This client program gave the user the ability to change the controller and turn on and off other options available within the controller. The user also has the ability to run preset trajectories or download a random trajectory to the server and have the server create a path for the robot. The path between points in the trajectory was interpolated using a cubic spline. The robot can also be dynamically controlled, as well as set at a user-prescribed position. Data can be sent to the client from the server program and the user can save this data to a file or display it graphically. Finally, a Matlab/Simulink model of the robot was created to allow the user to test different controllers on the SAMii before downloading that controller to the robot.