M.S. Thesis Presentation by Jason Craft
Monday, June 16, 2003

(Dr. W. Steven Johnson, advisor)

"Evaluation of High Temperature Applications for the Next Generation of Titanium Matrix Composites"


In this work, a newly developed gamma titanium aluminide alloy was evaluated as a potential matrix material for future composite structures. A series of monotonic tests were performed on coupons of rolled sheet material and consolidated “fiber-less” composite material to obtain stress-strain behavior and any time-dependent effects at elevated temperatures. An isothermal oxidation study was conducted to evaluate the oxide growth characteristics and usable temperature range for the material. Input parameters from monotonic tests are then used to analytically model composite laminates of [02/90/02] lay-up, with reinforcements of Ultra-SCS and Nextel 610. Fabrication and subsequent loading trials were simulated to evaluate the load capabilities of the laminates within the elastic regime of the matrix. Comparisons are made with varying fiber volume ratios and also between the two fibers selected for the analysis.