M.S. Thesis Presentation by David Nicolas Common
Monday, April 30, 2001

(Dr. David Trivett, advisor)

"Development of A System for the Measurement of the Static Bulk Modulus of Fluids"


The measurement of the dynamic bulk modulus of elastomeric materials can be accomplished by comparing the acoustic transfer function of a pressure vessel filled with a fluid to the transfer function obtained with a known hard metal sample and that of the unknown elastomer. This comparison requires that the static modulus of the fill fluid be known accurately, which is presently true only for water and castor oil. Neither of these two fluids is suitable for testing over wide temperature ranges and in particular at low temperatures where the water freezes and the castor oil has high viscosity.

This effort will design, construct a measurement system and evaluate its capability to measure the static bulk modulus of low viscosity oils that are potential fill fluids for the dynamic bulk modulus measurement system.