Ph.D. Thesis Defense by Selçuk Cimtalay

(Dr. Robert Fulton, advisor)

"Object Oriented Paradigm for Optimization Model Enhancement"


Main aim of this research is to develop an object oriented paradigm for multi disciplinary optimization to facilitate the design process.   When complex products become more complex, tools that automatically search for optimum design among a myriad of alternatives become increasingly necessary. This paper proposes the research to address how to deal with the design complexity in context of  optimization  model construction, enhancement, classification and solution by  utilizing engineering information techniques. The expected product of this research is a methodology, called Optimization Model Enhancement Paradigm (OMEP) to develop knowledge representation for multi disciplinary optimization models.  Particular emphasis will be on optimization model building with product specific information, optimization model and automated optimization capability.  OMEP is being developed to handle diversity of analysis models, optimization models, methods and tools in multi disciplinary systems. OMEP will be utilized and validated by the proposed test cases;10-Bar Truss, welded beam, solder joint fatigue and PWA assembly with heat sink.  The significance of this research is modularity, breaks the system into natural objects, support for enhancement in optimization and explicit representation of optimization problems.