Ph.D. Proposal Presentation by Ittichote Chuckpaiwong
Friday, June 7, 2002

(Dr. Thomas Kurfess, advisor)

"Development of Position Sensor Using Phase-based Continuous Wave Radar "


A number of techniques are used for non-contact position measurement. Every conventional sensor has disadvantages, which preclude it from being used in all applications. A microwave radar is a good complement to these sensors for applications that require non-contact measurements. Microwave sensors typically can have longer range, higher precision, and unaffected by intervening fluids, and dirt. The proposed research is to improve a new position sensor using continuous wave radar.

The goal of this work is to develop signal-processing algorithms for a precision position sensor based on continuous wave radar. Preliminary research provides an algorithm for the sensor to transform radar signals to displacement; a calibration procedure has also been developed. The sensor is currently capable of measuring linear position at a range of 100 mm and error within 0.2 mm (0.2% accuracy). Error evaluation shows the error is mainly caused by the deterministic complexity of the signal. This work proposes to identify these deterministic sources of error and provide appropriate algorithms to improve accuracy of the sensor.